Uzarus fashion and clothing

About Us

"Make in India" was launched by the Government of India on 25th September 2014. As the name suggests, it calls on industries, entrepreneurs and small business houses to set up their manufacturing facilities within India.From 2018, UZARUS is going places across the country to showcase the real INDIAN fabric and style material, example for some and bench mark for many!

Officially launched 2018, UZARUS brings the worlds of fashion and gym together because we believe both deserve the same level of design integrity and each can enhance the other. We use only the highest quality fabrics to create a look and feel that is not easily replaced, all manufactured right here in INDIA.
Our team of industry experts are constantly searching for the right trends, colour-ways and materials to help you achieve the impossible, whether that’s in the gym, work or your social life.

Rooted in the principle that good design can be both functional and refined, we seek to transcend the traditional ideas of athleisure, through a meticulous commitment to craft and excellence.
In addition, we at UZARUS understand the importance of technology in our lives. And we understand that any apparel today which does not facilitate you in the carriage and use of technology is obsolete. Hence, we design all our products with great concern for what technology you might need to use or store while wearing our products. With dedicated phone pockets to carefully placed zippers, we assure that listening to your favourite music or talking to your favourite person, is not a hindrance to your routine.

With UZARUS, you will look good, feel good, and will have no excuse to ditch your next workout session…. Or your coffee date after that! And that is what we strive for here at UZARUS